Christina Foard Artist Biography

Artist Statement 

"Painting has been a pathway to open and react to memories. I build imaginary spaces and scenes, often implying gravitational forces, wind power, or hydro-power to create sensations of movement, falling, sinking, floating, and areas of transformation. Highly process oriented, my techniques are physical: pouring, spraying, sanding, scraping, carving paint at various stages and drying times, rhythmically moving between additive and subtractive methods, between intuitive and analytical cognition. Painting allows me to become fully present physically, yet let go of controlled outcomes as I take risks with materials. This philosophy of presence and intention vs. control serves my entire life, far beyond painting as a practice, a therapy, and a discipline." --Christina Foard . 

VoyageATL: Interview with Christina Foard

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christina Foard.

Christina, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
As a Navy brat, my family moved almost every six months when I was young; and in each new home, I drew imaginary worlds, designed houses, and rearranged my bedroom furniture to assess spacial arrangements. This was my way of controlling my narrative and my space in a rapidly changing backdrop. I became an artist at a specific point in my life when painting became a therapeutic necessity to help me process my circumstances.... Read more.

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