Mark Carter Artist Biography

I have spent the last two years concentrating my work on the duality and beauty of nature, in the abstract forms you see in my new paintings. What we call beauty, of any form, is what the 19th century landscape painters referred to as a by-produce of survival, natural selection, adaptation, etc. The forms you see in my work represent my struggle to illuminate the duality that life must have to survive and have an aesthetic quality at the same time. I hope you see my work as a dance of endless metamorphosis of these conflicting possibilities.



BFA Painting, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio

Editor of college magazine, The Botticelli, which won the top National College Magazine of the Year award in 1989 from Merrill Publishing

Work Experience


Chief Conceptual Designer of North American Operations for British-based Airspace children’s indoor playground systems in Asheville, NC

Chief Conceptual Designer of playgrounds, murals, and all painting applications for Concept Grove Design in Rochester, NY

Gallery and Exhibitions

Group shows – Gibbs Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Main Gallery World International Science Fiction Convention. Six works included “Best in Show,” New Orleans, LA

1992 Living Legends of Jazz series for Gambit Magazine, New Orleans, LA. Collaborative effort with Donn Young Photography, Dr. Michael White, head of the Smithsonian Jazz Band at that time, and I painted a large scenic back-drop for the series. We won the National Press Award for 1992.

Two man show – Gibbs Gallery, New Orleans, LA


Design the scenic look for New Orleans Jazzfest with Nan Parati Design (murals, scenics, and construction)

One man show – Gibbs Gallery, New Orleans, LA

One man show – Galax Gallery, Asheville, NC with over 40 large works

Group show – Village Gate Gallery, Rochester, NY

2 man show – Village Gate Gallery, Rochester, NY

Numerous group shows – Village Gate Gallery, Rochester, NY

2003 - present  Professional artist, exhibiting in the United States and Canada

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