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Lauren Betty:

The Fabric of Being 

19 November - 31 December 2021

In some of her latest paintings, Atlanta artist Lauren Betty employs painted fabric to make works on canvas of rich but diaphanous beauty. Her use of painted and weathered drop cloths and veil-like gauze netting create a surprisingly magical effect, floating across her canvases as if stirred by a light breeze. Her colors are the colors of nature, only faded, matured. These paintings are both organic and sophisticated. This evolution in her working practice Lauren attributes to her move to the farm that she and her husband bought in the North Georgia mountains.

New to the Gallery: Jeni Stallings

Atlanta-based artist Jeni Stallings creates work that often draws from her dreams and personal experiences. She tends to render those moments in a muted, femininity-infused surrealism far from the hard-edged style of notable Surrealists like Salvador Dali. With their layers of beeswax sealing a moment into memory, her paintings draw from a lexicon melding dreamwork with a touch of Southern eccentricity." See Jeni's work here.

--Felicia Feaster, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (September 29, 2021)

Donald Beal: Small Gems

Paintings 2013-2020

"I spend a lot of time 'listening' to paintings, trying to sort out what it is they’re supposed to be. If I begin with a product in mind, it’s quickly abandoned. When it comes to painting, I’m not very good with concepts...I don’t seem to be able to consciously go right to a painting that’s about this or that. These paintings are founded through an abstract language first and foremost and content arrives organically as a result. For me, it’s like putting the horse in front of the cart."   --Donald Beal  See his work here.

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