Jenny Stallings: Life Is but a Dream

Jeni Stallings describes herself as a storyteller. Her magical, femininity-infused oil paintings on wood panels, sealed in beeswax, invite the viewer to imagine, to dream, and above all, to enjoy. Her exhibition "Life Is but a Dream" is on view at Thomas Deans Fine Art from 18 March to 15 April 2023.

2022 Cat Tesla: Living Color

Artist Cat Tesla made this brief video about her process, showing her new work for "Living Color," her exhibition with Sherry Czekus at Thomas Deans Fine Art 

(17 September through 15 October 2022)

2021  Cat Tesla: Breathe

 "Painting is a deep dive within oneself with the goal of pulling out something beautiful with which the world can connect.  Like many other artists, I find that nature is my muse. Inspiration for colors, shapes, and textures in my work originates in nature. My paintings provide viewers with bold graphic elements from a distance, while rich details and textures reward viewers at close range." --Cat Tesla

2021  Tracy Burtz: Music for the Eyes

14 May - 19 June 2021. Tracy's still lifes and paintings of women explore intimate moments of everyday life and the emotions they evoke. Her canvases comprise a variety of patterns and moods in often subtle but radiant colors. For Tracy's first. exhibition in the Southeast, we have chosen paintings that create a small survey of her work from the last 20 years. 

2019  Artists in Focus: Marlise Newman & Mary Parkman

Two artists new to the gallery share our third mini exhibition. Marlise Newman and Mary Parkman both revel in color and imagery that is inspiring and engaging. 

A North Carolina native, Marlise Newman worked as a commercial artist and interior designer before devoting herself full time to a career in art. Her previous professional endeavors still inspire and influence her whimsical and serene paintings.  

Mary Parkman graduated from Cornell University and continued her studies at the New York Studio School. From her studio in Naples, Florida, she paints landscapes and still-lifes that focus on pure painting and process and combine her love of both representational and abstract art.

2019  From a Female Perspective

Take a brief tour of the exhibition From a Female Perspective, presenting paintings by three gifted abstractionists: Lauren Betty, Jeri Ledbetter, & Kuzana Ogg. Exhibition dates: 15 November - 31 December 2019

2019  Daniel Byrd, Working Title: Larger than Life

“Working Title” is an immersive installation by a young Atlanta artist who has already build a reputation far beyond the city. Byrd’s installation covers an entire gallery. The artist’s conception was to create a mural encompassing the gallery’s four walls acting as both underpinning and counterpoint to a group of paintings on canvas that interact with the mural. Byrd’s work is often complex and colorful, inspired by elements of graffiti and street art that has intrigued and inspired him since childhood. The artist describes his work as the layering of independent elements that compete joyfully with each other for visual dominance.

2019  Mary Anne Mitchell: Dreamscape

The installation "Dreamscape" is an evolution of Mary Anne Mitchell's long-term project "Meet Me in My Dreams." Both video and still photography draw the viewer into the artist's mythical environment, largely created with the use of the wet-plate collodion photographic process. Inspired by one of the artist's own poems, "Dreamscape" speaks to family, memory and the inevitable passage of time. The exhibition is presented in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

2019  Introducing David Brayne

A brief introductory video on British artist David Brayne, whose extraordinarily sensitive and subtle paintings are reflected by the beautiful countryside around his Somerset, England home. 

2019  Elyse Defoor: Uncloaked

Elyse Defoor’s installation Uncloaked unites four bodies of work created by the artist, all of which explore the themes of memory, self-discovery, and growth from a female perspective. Combined, their presence in Uncloaked engages and challenges viewers to contemplate the artist's overarching concern: what it means to be human.

2019  Found Objects: Rodger Bechtold & Chris Liberti

The exhibition presents the work of two master oil painters working largely with traditional subject matter and media but in highly personal styles that mark them out as decidedly contemporary artists.

2019  Leisa Rich: Aftermath, In the Pink

Artist Leisa Rich responded to a recent health challenge by creating Aftermath: In the Pink. The show includes a massive, immersive installation that envelops the viewer by utilizing floor, wall and ceiling, wall-hung works of scar-stitched fabrics and zippered openings, stunning embroidered gardens, assemblages, a 3D-printed chrysalis and free motion-machine butterflies, and circular panels of paint and floral fabric, among others elements. 

2019  Journeys: Thaddeus Radell & Rebecca Crowell 

Artists Rebecca Crowell and Thaddeus Radell both exploit the media of oil and cold wax. Their very different approaches to painting share the spotlight in the first exhibition of 2019 at Thomas Deans Fine Art. Rebecca Crowell’s abstract paintings have been called “rich, lustrous, and above all, meditative.” Thaddeus Radell’s narrative paintings have been described as poetic, mysterious, and epic “in their rich concentration of pigment suspended in beeswax, sculpted with palette knives and small brushes.”

2018  Forest McMullin: Late Harvest

On Back Roads in the Deep South

First solo exhibition in Atlanta by photographer Forest McMullin, who frankly but sympathetically documents the people he met and places he visited in remote parts of the Deep South.

2018 Odyssey: 35th Anniversary Exhibition

Preview of the 35th Anniversary Exhibition opening at Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta, 7 September 2018, featuring paintings by Christopher Le Brun, David Brayne, Laura Fayer, and Carlton Nell

2018  A Corner of Nature

Visual tour of the exhibition A Corner of Nature: Paintings by Donald Beal, David Kidd, & Stephen Pentak at Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta, 26 January - 26 February 2018

2017  Anthony Greco: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Anthony Greco has been a fixture in the Atlanta art world for 50 years. In recognition of the artist’s 80th birthday this year, Thomas Deans Fine Art is presenting an important exhibition of his paintings from the 1970s. The 16 paintings in the exhibition trace the artist’s exploration of minimalism, a form of abstraction focusing on simple forms that reached its zenith in the decade of the 1970s. This is a brief visual introduction to the exhibition

2017  Tom Francis: Signatures

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2016  Interplay: Jeri Ledbetter & Rebecca Crowell

Video of the tour of the exhibition INTERPLAY, featuring new paintings by Jeri Ledbetter and Rebecca Crowell, 26 February - 2 April 2016 @ Thomas Deans Fine Art, 690 Miami Circle, Atlanta, Georgia

2015  Still + Life: Paintings by Stephen Pentak and Sydney Licht

Brief introduction to the exhibition of paintings by New York artists Stephen Pentak and Sydney Licht @ Thomas Deans Fine Art, Oct-Nov 2015

2015  Helen Durant: The Return of the Herd

A visual tour of "The Return of the Herd," collage-paintings and drawings by Helen Durant, at Thomas Deans Fine Art, Sept-Oct 2015. Originally inspired by the real goats outside her studio at the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, GA, Helen's witty and sophisticated paintings have earned her a wide circle of admirers.

David Shevlino: Summer Turns to Fall

David Shevlino:Summer Turns to Fall: Preview of the exhibition of paintings at Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia, 10 October to 3 November 2014

2014  Mark English in Atlanta

Virtual tour of the exhibition by legendary artist-illustrator Mark English @ Thomas Deans Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia, September-October 2014

2014  Scott Upton: A Golden Sunrise

Video tour of the exhibition by artist Scott Upton, one of the Southeast's most talented and successful abstract painters. The exhibition features more than 20 new paintings and takes its name from one of them, "A Golden Sunrise." While Upton's vibrant paintings are abstract, some hint at horizon lines, skies, and recognizable shapes. According to one critic, the effect is "as though he has dematerialized the world into pure light."

2014  Paul Tamanian: Revelations

Brief tour of the exhibition at Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta Georgia, 24 January - 8 March 2014. Includes views of the installation, individual art works--paintings, sculpture, and vessels--as well as images of the artist at work.

2013  Jason Craighead

Virtual tour of the exhibition, From the Soul to the Heart: New Paintings by Jason Craighead, at Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta, September 13 - October 12, 2013



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Thomas Deans Fine Art: Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in contemporary paintings, historical and contemporary works on paper, and selected photography and sculpture

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