Artists in Focus: David Kidd

Nature has long provided inspiration for the work of Atlanta artist Kidd. His recent paintings celebrate nature’s beauty through images based on the shadows cast by leaves and branches. The paintings reflect the fragility and evanescence of an ever-changing natural world captured as if in a momentary pause. Subtle in color, the paintings are composed of alternating layers of textured paint and translucent glazes that the artist builds up over time.

The artist's techniques include extensive application of thin layers and washes of acrylic paint on canvas or panel. The incorporation of glazing medium produces a semi-transparent surface composed of these multiple layers. This layering technique is often complex and time consuming, and it requires considerable patience.


In Kidd’s own words: “My paintings are process driven. The physical act of applying paint has a strong influence on the direction that the painting will ultimately take. While I may have a general concept, my goal is to not allow a concept to limit or restrain the creative process. I want the act of painting to be a journey of discovery, a balance between the urge to control the surface and the desire to allow mystery and unpredictability to enter into the process.”


Kidd's work is shown in galleries throughout the United States, including Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Naples, and Tampa. With over thirty years of experience as a professional artist, he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He is represented in Atlanta by Thomas Deans Fine Art in Buckhead. His paintings are included in various public and private collections including King and Spalding, The Mayo Clinic, Sloane Kettering, Ritz Carlton Atlanta and the Huntsville Museum of Art.