Elyse Defoor: Uncloaked

Sep 6 - October 5, 2019

Elyse Defoor: Uncloaked

Elyse Defoor’s installation Uncloaked unites four bodies of work created by the artist, all of which explore the themes of memory, self-discovery, and growth from a female perspective. Combined, their presence in Uncloaked engages and challenges viewers to contemplate the artist's overarching concern: what it means to be human.
Memory, the passage of time, and the unknown have always been memorable aspects of Atlanta native Elyse Defoor’s creativity. She asks: “What is revealed when the physical is unveiled? What has been empowered in the cloak left behind? The creation of my art is always precarious, like jumping off into the Unknown or diving still deeper into what is already known.” Through the discovery and uncloaking of mysteries and through feminine force Defoor seeks the release of basic truths.

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