Summer Pleasures 2019

Jun 14 - August 17, 2019

Summer Pleasures 2019

A changing exhibition of work in various media by gallery and guest artists.  


Special features: 

Night Paintings by Tom Francis

Sculptures in repurposed steel by Steve Steinman


Other artists include: 

Donald Beal, Rodger Bechtold, Mark Carter, Daniel Byrd, David Campbell, Helen Durant, Scott French, Lauren Betty, Chris Hayman, David Kidd, Charlie Bluett, Chris Liberti, Joe Loria, Carl Linstrum, Geraldine Gillingham, Tracy Matthews, Cason Adams, Stephen Pentak, Thaddeus Radell, Paul Tamanian, Scott Upton, Alicia Rothman, Rebecca Crowell, Gwen Wong, Jay Zerbe, John Stanford, and others



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