Terri Dilling: Learning Cyanotype

Terri Dilling is introducing the cyanotype process in a workshop for the Atlanta Printmakers Studio.

The cyanotype was one of the first photographic printing processes invented, 180 years ago. When light-sensitive paper is exposed to light, a blue-printed stain appears. The process is one that appeals to photographers, painters, and designers.
Dilling explores two techniques: The first technique involves using objects placed on light-sensitive paper, objects such as leaves, feathers, dried flowers, etc. The second process uses transparencies, which function like a photo negative. In her own work, Dilling uses various techniques to create one-of-a-kind "paintings" through her mastery of application and 

exposure to sunlight.  


Exhibitions, September 2022

September Exhibition

Living Color: Paintings by Sherry Czekus & Cat Tesla

Opens 17 September, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

The gallery's September exhibition presents two contrasting artists who create paintings filled with color. Canadian artist Sherry Czekus (pronounced sack-us) paints insightful color-blocked images of pedestrians in fleeting, momentary groupings. Her figures are always faceless, reduced to the colors and shapes of their apparel, their poses communicating their personalities. This is Sherry's first exhibition to the southern USA. 


Cat Tesla’s work, by contrast, requires little introduction to Atlanta audiences. Cat's bold yet nuanced abstractions are organic, originating in or inspired by nature. Glowing with color, Tesla’s paintings are built up in layers, using techniques of both painting and drawing. 

The exhibition opens on Saturday 17 September and continues through 15 October. The gallery will host a reception for the exhibition during the Miami Circle Gallery Stroll on 17 September, 4:00 - 6:00 pm.




Painting with Light 


Cyanotype is a process that creates a cyan-blue print through exposure to UV light. It is a classic process first developed in the 1800s. However, Atlanta artist Terry Dilling's unique and painterly approach transforms a traditional method into a contemporary expression in one-of-a-kind works that look deceptively like watercolors. 



Luscious Lushness


Atlanta artist Elizabeth Sheppell's love of color and texture leads her on a journey every time she takes up her palette knife. Building up and smoothing down are part of her working through a painting to its finished state. A true colorist, Elizabeth works in palettes from muted to electric, pushing herself in her methods and materials until she finds a thrilling "rightness."



Painter of Quietude


"Much of [Belgian artist Mathieu] Weemaels' artwork reflects his incredible talent as a draftsman and pastellist. His naturalistic sensibilities respect the world as he finds it and seek to find the most compelling pictorial truths. Keen observation combined with the right abstraction for a selected view of commonplace household items staged to both surprise and delight us with his contemplative visual poetics." 

--Painting Perceptions

One of the most outstanding European artists of his generation, Christopher Le Brun has devoted considerable energy to working on paper. We’re excited to offer a dozen pieces from the artist’s studio, which have come to us through our long personal association with the artist. We're presenting them in an online exhibition only, although the works are available for viewing at the gallery. All are framed. This summer Le Brun had an acclaimed solo exhibition in London, and he will exhibit in Los Angeles this fall.


"Le Brun employs a mastery of touch and color alongside a profound understanding of art history and a wide range of visual, musical, and literary sources. He has remained consistent in adhering to what he feels to be the essential poetry and pleasure of painting for its own sake, led by intuition and visual imagination and resistant to external justification."    --Lisson Gallery









The Philadelphia Museum of Art has just acquired three platinum/palladium prints for the museum's permanent collection of photography by photographer Frank Hunter.


The prints are Maple Branch, Sunflowers #52, and Tree Roots. Middleton Place Plantation (shown)




29 September - 2 October 2022


The gallery is pleased to participate in the inaugural Atlanta Art Week. We'll host a relaxed special reception on the afternoon of Sunday 2 October. Our event will be free and open to everyone, but especially to gallery friends and clients. 


We'll be posting more information later, but mark your calendar and save the date. For information on Atlanta Art Week, just click on the logo (right). 



Thomas Deans Fine Art: Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in contemporary paintings, historical and contemporary works on paper, and selected photography and sculpture




Thomas Deans Fine Art: Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in contemporary paintings, historical and contemporary works on paper, and selected photography and sculpture

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